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Casual KimonoRental
+ Free Dressing It is okey with
empty handed.
Kimono Rental
¥4,000(w/o tax)
+Dressing or

☆Flow of Kimono rental☆
Time required ABT1〜2HRS

1.Pick a kimono
(Abt 30 min)

We have an abundant styles of Kimono for your selections:from retro, sweet, cute, classic to chic and elegant. Professional of Kimono will advise to you.

2.Hair Styling
(Abt 30 min)

Option(Reservation is required)
Professional stylist will do your hair-set at the annex Yumenomiyako. Please tell us your favorite hair style.

3.Getting Dressed
(Abt 15 min)

Our professional dresser will help you getting dressed neatly and promptly. Need not to worry about the Kimono loosing its shape even wearing for long hours.

4.Studio Photography
(Abt 15 min)

Option(Reservation is required)
Photography in a full-fiedged studio by professional cameraman.

It’ s time to enjoy around Kawaguchiko. It takes 5min to Kawaguchiko lakeside by car.

6.Returning the kimono
We will give you the studio photo (OPTION) after you return the Kimono. If the shooting in the afternoon, giving the photo might be the next day. If receipt of the photo is not possible, we are possible to mail. (Cash on delivery)

Please return by 17:00
Case of the annex Yumenomiyako only can
accept until 18:00.
※If you want to return to the annex Yumenomiyako,
please tell us
TEL +81 555-72-1229
TEL +81 555-83-2461

地図きものの丸宗 地図フォトスタジオ夢の都
より大きな地図で きものの丸宗 を表示
Kimono Rental
Kimono Rental
all prices shown are exclusive of taxes
all prices shown are exclusive of taxes
Reservation Required/Latest Admission by 14:00
Rental Hours 9:00 ~17:00 (Reservation is required)

Komon or Kofurisode
(w/o tax)
(w/o tax)
Men’s Kimono+Haori Coat+Dressing¥4,000
(w/o tax)
Summer Only From June to Septmber
Yukata sale
(w/o tax)

is required)
Hair set¥3,000
(w/o tax)
Hair accessories rental ¥500
(w/o tax)
Studio photo 2Lsize 1piece
※5 ※8
(w/o tax)
2Lsize 1piece
※5 ※8
(w/o tax)
Studio photo data20cuts
※5 ※8
(w/o tax)
+ 60min
(w/o tax)

Impotant points
※1We will keep ¥10,000 as a deposit before you go out.After returning the Kimono, we will refund it.
※2When you damaged Kimono, we will charge you as repair cost.
※3Depend on weather, we may be not accepted strolling and photography.
※4In the case of strolling plan, if you are late for the return time we will charge for extending the deadline.
※5In the case of studio photography plan,camera photography, video shooting are prohibited in studio.
※6We can accept credit card.
※7All prices are not including tax.
※8 We will give photograph in 3 hours.

Fujikyu-Line Kawaguchiko Station
Marumune is right next to the station. 1 min on foot. To the annex Yumenomiyako : 15 min on foot, 5 min by taxi.
Kawaguchiko IC
It takes 5 min to Marumune by car. It takes 3 min to the annex Yumenomiyako by car.
※Free parking is available in each of Marumune and Yumenomiyako.
Kimono no Marumune
TEL +81 555-72-1229
3636 , Funatsu , Fujikawaguchiko-town Minamitsuru-gun ,Yamanashi-Pre
Open 9:00am 〜17:30pm
Close on Thursday , 1st 2nd wednesday
The annex Yumenomiyako
TEL +81 555-83-2461 2183-2 , Funatsu , Fujikawaguchiko-town Minamitsuru-gun , Yamanashi-Pre Open 9:30am 〜18:00pm Close on Thursday , 1st 2nd wednesday

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